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How to stop procrastinating as an entrepreneur

Well hello my dearest, This week's question is “ Do you ever Procrastinate? How do you get so many things done?

Truthfully, we’ve all done some procrastination in our lives, especially if you want to avoid something that you need to do, but you’re definitely putting it off…

But procrastination is a form of stress relief… it's not only in your business, it's also about things that are happening in your life:

Someone from your family their health is not doing very well

You’re fighting with your partner

Your marketing & sales is not the best

So many reasons right...

I remember my good old days. I would flip magazines, grab a book, or stay hours browsing fashion magazines “pretending” I needed to buy something that I needed.

But then I later understood that procrastination is the ultimate selfish act… and I know that you may think that this is crazy…

But let me explain,

I believe that every minute you waste procrastinating you’re robbing others of your purpose.

Every time you procrastinate you’re robbing the people you’re intended to serve your family, your community, time with you…

Because we go to places like that it's impossible to do, so I can’t do it…

Or we say -

“ I don't know how”

“ I don't know how to fix it”

We’re avoiding the inevitable, because you know that in the end you will have to face whatever you don't want to do, decide at some point.

And I heard Mel Robbins say in one of her speeches a few years ago -

You have a habit of procrastinating

And that is how I understood that a habit is easier to control and manipulate

So, with the years, my procrastination has evolved, my procrastinating habits have changed to be valuable

I don't expect you to change overnight… but try to find ways to be proactive procrastinators…

So, when I need to make a difficult decision in my business, I go designer calms my brain, and it allows me to be creative in my own way, no one judging, just me, my ideas and a white canvas.

Last time I procrastinated (not so long I must add), I revamped a new Freebie I wanted to share to our Freebie Library Members, which is Social Media pictures Guide, like what should they do get the best pictures, Props, and checklist what to do the day of the photoshoot, really fun stuff that is easy to apply.

At least this procrastination will help my community get something they want…

And maybe you’re saying V I don't procrastinate! I'm a perfectionist….and i will share this quote:

Perfectionism is procrastination in disguise …

And I will say, being perfect is saying I’m not ready to put it out into the world!!

I get it, this is one of the biggest struggles I had… I would not put anything out until it was perfect to my eyes…

And then you put it out and then you realized you wrote something wrong, or misspelled a word… I know I wanted to die too….

And I have come to believe that there’s no such thing as perfect,

Done and doing is better than perfect!

You will never know if your product or service is good if you don't put it out into the market.

And everytime we overthink, procrastinate, I will repeat what I said at the beginning…

Every minute I waste is robbing others from my greater purpose

Now before I go… I don't want you to confuse procrastination versus you taking some time to rest and enjoy your time… like for example you going to do your hair and you flip on magazines…

That is your, you time!

That is a conscious decision you’ve taken to something you need to do…

And What I don't want you to do, is to be around your house saying I have so much to do, I don't know what to do, I don't want to do it, I’m checking Instagram


Make time for rest but beware that you’re robbing people of what you’re meant to do… don't put a little bandage...

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