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Everything you need to create a visible business and life you love.




Special Bundles

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  • Increase your chances to always be making money all year round

  • Knock down objections to convert more

  • Hook your audience & leads beyond your social media 

  • 20% discount


 essential bundle

  • 4 sessions for 90 minutes

  • Book your sessions when you most need them

  • 10% discount

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 mastering bundle


My done for you resources

The no-sweat way to create top-of-the-line content

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Most popular:

How to bring out the visible entrepreneur of who you are

Low confidence on Social? Master the 3 core ingredients that every scalable entrepreneur needs,  to go from struggling to be invisible on social media to an unstoppable visible entrepreneur


V's favorite things

What does an entrepreneur / organizer / former flamenco dancer come to love? Here’s everything I have tested and loved, from how to set up beautiful tables when I'm hosting, decorate my new home, favorite spots in Costa Blanca, to my ultimate tech and platforms that help me run my life headache-free, and more free stuff . 


My other fave biz resources

There are so many amazing business owners creating resources for your business, that I could not resist giving them a spotlight place in our shop. 

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A month of FREE content ideas! 🕺🏼
With this gift you can forget about the feeling (which makes us all sick to our stomachs) of thinking: "and now what do I publish tomorrow?" 😂🙈

Even if the content is in Spanish, you can use this amazing 30 day template ( google translate can help you) 

Learn the specific metrics you should be looking at when running Facebook ads for your offers. What each of these metrics are telling you about the different aspects of your Facebook ad campaign what they mean, and what to do to improve that metric.