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The place where all my dreams come true

I never thought I'd love decorating my home as much as I love working in my business. I've lived in so many places and moved too many times to count them, and making the space feel like a home was extremely important to me. When I first bought the home I live now, I would spend hours searching for the perfect night table, or the perfect blanket.  Here are some of my faves pieces that I've built & bought. 

Save this page, as I will update it with new pieces each month. 



@thevliving on Insta now!

Let's talk home has become part of my slow morning routine.. I love browsing what's new that day. Never boring always inspiring me. Right now most the pieces you see below, I have either bought them or are still on my wishlist.

Let's talk spots

For years I've always wanted to share my favorite spots, not your regular spot to hang and as I explore this new region I'll be sharing where I go. Don't be surprised if I add other amazing places I've been outside of Costa Blanca, Spain.  

My room was always a mess growing up! but as I began to work in organization and then as Image Consultant arranging things together became part of my second nature. I'm not the cleaner freak, I'm the organizer look amazing freak. Love to explore different ways to arrange my things, so they seem effortless while not breaking the bank. That's why I love so much Zara Home, WestWing, My local MercaChina, and H&M Home.

Let's talk organizing


Hey dear!

I'm V

CEO, host of a chart toping podcast, organizer at heart and living in a beautiful coastal Mediterranean town of Moraira. Here are a few of my favorite things.

I wanted a place where you can find all of my faves from decor to fashion, business,  to books. 

Quick Disclosure: Some of these links happen to be affiliate links which means when you click the link to purchase something on this page, it won't cost you more but I may receive a commission for sharing this with you. Which is great, because I was going to share it with you anyway!

What's ion my waitlist?

For years I was a fashion blogger & Image Consultant. So, I needed to be updated with all the fashion news, and trends for my clients. But the more I saw, the more my style became simpler and timeless.


I rather buy something useful to serve my wardrobe, instead of random pieces I can't pair with anything else in my closet. 

Also the clothes I need for my new home in Moraira doesn't need much "paillettes or frills" I don't tend to buy as much I used to 'cause I love my vintage timeless pieces mixed with new "fast" or "low" pieces that today I buy online or in loca boutiques. 

Still, I still get asked what's in my closet or what's new in fashion, so here are some of stable or capsule pieces I wear all year round. 

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Untitled design (27).png
Untitled design (26).png
Untitled design (24).png
Untitled design (20).png

What's on my night table?

my favorite things by veronica di polo night stand reading.jpg

Personally I'm a audiobook listener! I guess that's why I love so much doing podcast and listening to them!

And although I do most of my learning with audio, a good book is essential in my home to browse or to lose myself with amazing pictures. 

My all time favorite when you're feeling down, conflicted or lost is Loving What is by Byron Katie. This help me so much when I took that sabbatical.. it helped me reboot my brain, I still practice everything I learned going to the School of the Work my silent moments. (the audio version is much more powerful 'cause you hear her read the book and facilitate others live - priceless)

Now my second most read book it's an old one and from time to time I bring it to my bedroom to review it. Don't sweat the small stuff 


Peeking into your inbox weekly with what's new, it's as if I'm whispering into your ear the best kept secrets, (but a lot less awkward) with strategies, and content created with Y-O-U in mind. Plus my emails are short and valuable & because no one likes getting junk mail that's long and boring, am I right?

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