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Asana helps my entire team keep track of our work at any stage. We use this tool to track the process of each task, share links, stay on top of deadlines and keep everybody in the loop. You can also Watch my training  in the Freebie Library here 


Kajabi is the course and membership platform we use to host all our programs. It has all the features you need to create, market, and sell your digital product, on top of hosting your website as an all-in-one solution. We use Kajabi for emails, landing pages, courses, podcast, checkout.

Use Video to interact with your customers. This amazing and easy tool we have embedded into our home page as Welcome Video, we've also added it to our Sales pages, where people can reply by video, text or audio! We believe this is the new way to communicate with clients (or potential clients) We're currently using the Free Version that allows only 3 videos, but we have a special DISCOUNT offer for 10% off if you get the paid version: DIPOLO10 Watch my training  in the Freebie Library here


Wix has helped our team to easily visualize the website. If you’re a visual person like me but also hate to wait endless hours of “techy” people correcting 1 coma for 10 days, then Wix is your website. We can easily duplicate your pages, and we can extensively add on pages without any additional fees. (The entire website is designed by yours truly :) )

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Is a global freelancing platform where businesses and independent professionals connect and collaborate remotely. I’m a big fan of Upwork, because for years now, I have been able to hire work I could not do, but also it has allowed to create a wonderful team of freelance professionals for my business. I highly recommend Upwork if you’re looking to build an online team, just make sure you ask all the right questions and have a trial period first before hiring.


We use headliner to promote our Podcast episodes with audio files. We link it to our Podcast service provider and we chose what bits to promote, they also have a great editor to add text and upload your images. I know they also provide the service to promote your YouTube videos and even create transcriptions of your videos, but for now we’re only using the Podcast promoter. I must say, the free version is awesome, you can create up to 10 pieces of content for all your social media platforms. We love this new discovery, we’re sure you’ll love it too!  


If you’re still committing passwords to memory (or worse -- using the same password for most of your major accounts), it’s time to get a password manager. My personal favorite is LastPass. I love that it allows me to securely share sensitive information (such as social media logins, etc.) with my team members without having to share the “real” password. Very powerful.

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Slack is a communication tool that can literally eliminate the hassle of having to go back and forth via email with your team or them reaching you over WhatsApp. It allows you to keep in touch with everyone -- and it even connects to other tools you use, so you won’t have to switch between apps. 

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Strengthen with years of experience, insatiable marketing expert tester (I never preach what I haven’t practiced!), and designed to serve anyone no matter what part of the journey they’re on, my programs will show you build your path, help you intensify a powerful, personalized strategy, and give you a masterful action plan on driving leads to profits.

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And with more than 15 years being a Marketing Strategist you’re going to experience the new way to promote your business with clear and unique messaging,  By giving you actionable marketing & messaging strategies that get you interested leads, to transform the lives of your audiences, so that you build up your brand with continuous momentum.

It's short, gutsy and packed with wittiness! Get ready because here is where we say NO to outdated marketing strategies and society norms, and we say YES to change from the inside out, to transform your business and life with a happier and more fulfilled purpose.

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