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The mistakes you make when you transform your audience into leads

One of the biggest mistakes I see new entrepreneurs make is that they confuse the difference between audience versus leads. A lot of people are only focusing on the audience. A lot of people are only focusing on reaching more people, getting more followers, or getting more friends.

An audience is simply someone who watches you and follows you. While a lead is someone that is already interested in working with you.

You may ask yourself why am I sharing this with you?

Because most people are getting distracted and feeling demoralized from the actual targets that grow your business and they are being distracted and lured into false metrics.

And when I say false metrics I say

1️⃣ Popularity

2️⃣ Attention

3️⃣ Engagement

I’m not saying these things aren't important but it's not your goal.

An audience may be following you, but they could very well be following you for the wrong reasons. They could be your family member or friends, or they like what you’re wearing.

While a lead is somebody who actually wants to work with you. And there is a process to get someone to be a lead - And the way to do that. is, to begin with the end in mind - or reverse engineer your thoughts which in this case reverse your actions and your end is sales!

Not followers, not likes, not engagement, tangible sales.

So I hope you got that and you understand the difference, and if you knew then, good!!!

Now one of the biggest mistakes I see many people make is they create these freebies or as we marketers call them lead magnets. Great name right? Having the word as a lead but nothing.

So they create these freebies, probably takes them 1 month or even longer to create with the “perfect design and copy” and then they upload it on their website expecting people to find it just like that!

If you want to create leads from a freebie they need to be able to leap or take the next step to something you plan for them to do afterward. They should consume your freebie and say,

“I want to work with this person”

or “I’m gonna buy their stuff”

There’s no point putting something out there into the world for free and when they consume it, it doesn't have the immediate reaction I want to work with them.

What’s the point??

So if you begin with the end in mind, you should start with

Your sales

Your leads

Your traffic

There should be a strategy every step of the way. The biggest takeaway for you is to understand this, and not make these mistakes is to know:

✔️The function of a lead is what?

✔️The function of a lead is to produce sales = clients

✔️The function of a lead magnet is to attract leads

Begin with the END IN MIND.

Now to do this, there are a few things that need to change, and one of them is your intention to make this happen.

If you don't have the intention to do what is required for you to find the different strategies you should take to move a person from traffic to a lead then to a sale and to test what needs to be tested and not feel you’re failing, and not feel judged or overthink every decision you make in your business, that is the moment that things will start to change and shift for you, that is the day when things will click.

When you have clarity about where and how you want to go, then that is the day you’ll see.

But clarity starts with you. Your business clarity is the clarity you will allow and the intention you want for your business, because like I have mentioned before…

Your business is a reflection of YOU!

Until the next one, V



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