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In this fantastic (& free) Audio training you'll learn 3 strategies to build your confidence on social media and the courage on how you want to be from the inside out on your terms.


Hey V here,

I'm an event specialist, business & marketing strategist.  

I left my corporate job to become an image consultant to VIP clients (my first entrepreneurial business). For the past 7 years I've been teaching new entrepreneurs my proven Visibility Planning Solution method. 


Today being the founder of VOS Visibility on Social , a social media marketing & messaging program for service based business owners to get more leads with the right messaging that turns to sales.

Most days you'll find me spending time with my other entrepreneurial businesses & Airbnb future business, dancing a on a live or Tik-Tok, with my dog tinky , or having a glass of wine.

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THE Freebie Library

There are many moving pieces and decisions in a business, what to do to connect with your clients in a different way?, what type of content they want from you?, and how you can differentiate yourself from your competitors?.

This Freebie Library is the 1 stop place where you'll have access to specialized guides, templates, checklists, mini courses that will kick start your new visible entrepreneurial journey.

Your business is the reflection of who you are as an entrepreneur...

Veronica Di Polo Youtube Channel



Every week, you can watch new episodes and learn why you should improve your marketing planning, communicate your business messaging, ways to be productive and find your unique way to promote what you do.

your messaging...

Is what makes a person want to follow you, not everybody will like you and that's ok as long as you´re connecting to the desire of your potential clients and they say  “I can't believe you’re in my head”



You’re about to experience the new way to become the visible entrepreneur to thrive in your business and in your life by leaning into who you are, what you love, and standing up for what you want to create.

Get ready because here is where we say NO to outdated society norms, and we say YES to change, to create a happier and more fulfilled world. 


Let's start your binge listening!

 If it doesn´t add value it's a waste  

To desire visibility, sales & money you need to be motivated with what you do, but I can only inspire you to motivate yourself.

Motivation = Action




Truth - To be productive  is a belief that has nothing to do with time & effort. Starting a new entrepreneurial business means you need to research tools that can make your life and work easier.


Luckily, the online tools I recommend you have been tested and proven in my business and with my client, which can save you dozens of hours per week to automate your processes and to even save you money.

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How to bring out the visible entrepreneur of who you are (3).png
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