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And just like that…should you rethink your social media strategy?

This has been a slow start of the year…at least here…

Although I have been working most of the time trying to organize our year in the business… there’s been this nagging feeling bugging me how should the business show up… and when I say the business, I mean this face, because this is a business as well as a personal brand…

What can I do to be different? What can the business do to be noticed? How should we provide a better experience to our customers? How can past clients return? What needs to happen within my business for us to deliver, but also to feel proud and enjoy it while we’re doing it. So let’s dive a little bit deeper on this. For the past month and a half, I’ve been on this roller coaster journey… which to be perfectly honest it usually happens over the holiday and in the middle of the year. when I have stuff to think about the business… My business planning involves How are we going to make more money How can we retain more Get more leads from our offers What strategies we need to implement to get what we want Who should we let go or hire to move forward How can we grow and serve How should we show up on social… And this last one is the one that is keeping me up at night I must confess… Because over the break, although I was working with one hand, I was also taking a break from social media. I mean, barely checking social media because I kept telling myself I go to social for work, not for me. And when I saw myself trying to write with one hand and think I wasn't able to even write what I was thinking. My mood was shitty

It was as if my mind was saying one thing, and my mouth was saying something completely different and shallow… Very weird! Anyway, why am I taking so long to say what I want to say? Maybe because I haven't done a podcast in a long time, and I want to share more Or Maybe because as I say what I want to say, I’ve discovered more about it… Or maybe because I feel that you could also be feeling weird about your social media… The truth is, I believe something inside me shifted, or I guess I’d discovered it I feel that what my business has done so far on social media has been great! We’ve done plenty of original content

It’s true that I’ve always felt that creating content it's like a churro machine, it never stops. But one thing that has kept up at night is we’re creating so much content that is getting lost… all those hours of planning, doing and people only see it for 5 seconds. That’s why to me Podcasting has become a tool for expression of my most inner thoughts, because its just me and you listening, it's just me and my mic. It's personal. When social media is public, it's for others as well. And if the content I’m creating is not fulfilling me and it's not showing who I really am… then something needs to change, right? Maybe you’ve felt like this in the past with something you weren't happy about. Maybe you’re going through that right now. I sure don't have it all figured out, but whatever I decide to do, I know it will be consistent, at least for the next 6 months… until my next break. I know that nothing seems unique, because there’s so much noise and so much of the same. But I honestly do think that from time to time, we need to question our actions.

Maybe this is the Marie Kondo of me saying what sparks joy and what doesn't… It's true that some things we can't get rid of, but if we’re the CEOs of our business and we want to continue to enjoy doing what we love, then we should start by deciding what makes us happy and how it makes us feel. So, for now, I believe we’ll be doubling more here on the podcast; we have a great podcast strategy We’re going to continue on Instagram & on Pinterest to mirror our Insta. We’re going to step back from Linkedin for now, and Tiktok, although it could be mirror content, but for now, we’re stopping it. We’re heading back to Facebook, and we’re going to empower our Facebook group, which I’ll tell you more about that strategy in a later podcast And last but not least, we’re going back to Youtube… ohh I’ve been wanting to go back for a long time, but I didn't know how… it's still very uncertain how… but we’re going to slowly start with shorts, then we’ll see how we can come back with long-form videos…

And just like that…should you rethink your social media strategy? If you’re happy with what you have, then don't change the wheel… If you’re doubting and hesitating and you’re not sure about anything, then this is the perfect time to do it! You still have 11 months ahead, so there is always plenty of time. The only thing you can’t do, is not be on social and not promote your business! I hope that’s the one decision you don't take.

'Till the next post.


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