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What’s inside V’s Mind?

Last time I wrote in long form was on November 11, 2021... it's been almost a year and my hands were itching from writing and expressing so much. That doesn't mean that I will bore you with all the stories we’ve lived in the business!

Nope! Plus I know and you know, that we don't have all day to read other people's fortunes or misfortunes…

This is just a welcome back post on what to expect inside V’s mind.

Our mind has more than 6,000 thoughts a day, random, stupid, distracting, hurtful, encouraging, dull, sad, happy… and some thoughts we compartmentalize them throughout the day… when we wake up, when we work, and we go to bed…

Random thoughts are what makes us unique, but the mind tends to play tricks on our sanity and well being.

Sometimes I feel my stomach is connected to my brain… especially when I get butterflies about something I’m not sure or something I’m afraid… call me crazy, I call it “ six sense”. I say that if I’m having a bad vibe that’s probably a sign.

I don't know if that’s ever happened to you, but I tend to listen more to my senses rather than my brain sometimes… because sometimes my brain wants to be the smart ass in the room… like they know best, or they want to rationalize things and over complicate them….fortunately my senses haven't been wrong, yet.

What I do try, is for my thoughts to be rational and simple to me. Yes, this is a daily work I do on myself to not get overwhelmed and stressed with other outside problems that have nothing to do with me.

I’m aware that most of my problems have been generated from my brain, and this took me years to understand, that I was creating these stories in my brain, my own misfortunes and my own unhappiness.

For years I blamed myself for everything and I was punishing myself.

Until I was drowning and could not handle my thoughts any more. I could not work, not concentrate, I couldn't be a partner to anyone or even be a boss.

V’s Mind is not really how I came out of my miserable mind, but really more how I internalize and deal with problems, beliefs, or circumstances.

I see and hear so many business owners that are hurting and get caught up in the small stuff, and they over complicate situations where there’s nothing to complicate. We’re not being, we’re letting it be.

The solutions are simpler and I know we all have our own problems and circumstances but if you let those exterior things dictate your destiny then it's going to be a bumpy life.

And when I say simpler, I mean your thinking needs to be simpler not hurt you more or stop you from doing something.

And that’s why I’ve made it my mission to help as many people as I can with these situations.

Ever since social media became the vehicle to promote your business there has been 1 long thought I’ve been having over and over.

Where is the depth?

Why is it or what makes us think that we don't have time for the things we want and love?

Why do we have to copy other people?

Why are we followers instead of being ourselves?

Most of us make business decisions everyday to go forward, but sometimes we make no decisions that hurt us more and the business we’re running… it’s as if we’re blocking the sun with our finger and we’ll think it will magically go away…

...and nope…

It will still be there no matter how hard you want to avoid it!

Believe me I was the big avoider… still am, in some cases when it comes to talking about politics and religion. Without a doubt, I don't like having arguments about

those 2 subjects, especially if they’re going nowhere, what’s the point? To argue just to argue? I have better things to do. That doesn't mean I don't have an opinion, I just chose not to talk about it in public.

This space will not be a bragging or lecture place, meaning this is the where I will braindump and share stories or situations I’ve encountered over the years when dealing with business decisions, my experience as marketing strategist, what are we doing or trying in our business that could help you, my favorite things to share that are besides work that make my life feel complete or advice my gut is telling me you should know to design the business and life you deserve.

These are my wishes, and I know it may sound like a cliché saying it, but you’re the reflection of your business and life… and all come from our brain and our thinking.

Feel free to share your thoughts on your stories and tag us @veronicadipolo

Until the next V’s Mind.




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(V) Veronica Di Polo was born in Caracas, Venezuela raised in Europe, now lives and runs her business in the beautiful coastal Mediterranean town of Moraira.


For more than + 15 years V has strengthen her expertise to help teach visible service entrepreneurs how to build and promote their business with clear marketing and messaging through courses and trainings like her signature program Visibility On Social Selling, other programs like Nail your Messaging or The Netflix Effect Website , as well as many other business-building trainings inside of V’s abundant Freebie library.

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