Women Entrepreneurs are the most Creative in Service Based Businesses

When I think about service based businesses I think of air… and I’d love to take on my air journey and explain what I mean…

Women entrepreneurs are the most creative in service based businesses

We sell air, we sell passion, we sell what you can’t see, or touch and yet we sell hope for a better future.

But there’s a difference between messaging and content, and I believe most women entrepreneurs focus more on content first, they start with social media presence, create posts with their services, or they show how great an industry meeting event went, or they share how they were featured on a podcast…

Selling what you can't see, eat or drink is hard!

You need to make people see what you believe, how you can make their lives better, and they need to take a leap of faith in you.

but not many people feel connected, care or are interested…because the content you’re putting out is not giving them any value, is not changing their lives and you’re not promoting who you truly are…

This is where messaging comes in, messaging is the way people experience your brand, they can hear you on a podcast, watch your video, or on an interview, doing a performance, read a blog post and it all fits into the ecosystem of your brand. No matter how many skepticals are out there, you have a creative way to explain in many words the feelings, the pains, the benefits you get when we sell air…

Air is hope, air is change, air is a state of mind, air is why you live…

No one knows if your air is better than the other person's air until they try it!

Now, your air is what you tell people what you do, what positions you in your industry, and what separates you from everyone else. Your air is what makes you unique.

If you find yourself in a position where you don’t know how to sell your air, you should speak to the entities that you want to attract as your audience. This can be entrepreneurs, business owners, parents, mums, etc

then, you have to add the core values that you have in your business but also in yourself. For example money, business, imaginations, fun, originality, religion...

Once you have your identities + your core values = your messaging will connect to the right audience you want to reach.

Do you want to continue to sell air the way you’ve been selling it or you rather sell air to people that feel moved, connected, that say ‘ hell yeah, I need that air’ ?

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