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People don't know what to post, so they stop

What an annoying sensation not knowing what to do! It feels as if you’re eating your head with that thought right??

Not knowing what to post, it's a pain in the butt… and the fact is that if you don't know what to post it can be because you most probably don't know what’s valuable or what’s interesting to whoever is consuming your content.. Right?

And what’s holding a lot of people back is trying to create something perfect, you want this 1 piece of content to be epic, amazing, great, and it's too much pressure on yourself but also sooo much pressure on that 1 piece of content that actually stops you from putting content out…

Thinking like” this video, this podcast can really change things, this could really put me on the map.. This could be the one that makes it”

And yes, creating content is hard and time consuming and a lot of work, especially if you know that each social media platform works differently and they are constantly changing the features… and you don't know if that same piece of content will work better where?

And also, I know there are factors like “what would people think if I'm controversial? What would people think if I put that piece of content and it's not connecting the right way?

Overthinking stops you from taking decisions, and when you overthink your action you end up hurting your business brand.

And what’s causing the pain is that when you search what to do, you see and hear people like big marketers like Gary Vee, Jasmine Star recommend that you need to post every day, that you need to hustle, and push push content like crazy 6 times a day… and you feel behind, you feel you’re not delivering, and you get caught up in this hamster wheel of decisions that is so overwhelming that is better to give up...

And what 's so much more important is to prioritize consistency rather than perfection, because if you're regularly creating content maybe the 30th video or the 36th post is really the one that connects with the right person, at the right time…

And the thing is that if you don't create content consistently you remain the invisible entrepreneur… if you dont post people can't support you, they can't rally behind you, they can't buy your services, they can't recommend you to other people… they don't know you exist

So if content is visibility, why aren’t you creating content?? And the reason you’re not creating content is most probably fear, fear of what the wrong people think… because if you were thinking about the right people… then you would be motivated to content because they would love it, they would support it and good things will happen.

And maybe you’re thinking… “ok for me it's not so much fear is the time to create that much content”

But instead of listening to so many people, why not start by testing things, who says you need to post everyday?? Your clients? Your potential clients that you don't know right now??

And this comes from the thinking “ I don't have enough time to create something as perfect as I want it to be, so that people think… whatever!”…

And perfectionism is ego…and ego is as Gary Vee says “ego is insecurity in makeup”

Now, the solution to begin making consistent content and not getting frustrated is that you need to create an action plan… think of this like your constant testing phase…

And i want to quickly mention that if you haven't heard my previous podcast/video about repeating old ways, won’t give you visibility, shifting your mindset will please go ahead and check that before we enter this phase… because it will give you more clarity moving forward…

So assuming you know about the science experiment and not treating your business like a math problem, you’ll be creating an experiment with your content.

What I’m about to explain is part of the 4th pillar into my visibility planning solution

Like I said, you need to create an action plan… and if you’ve been consuming my content for a while , then you know I want you to think in terms of themes…

Now, I have slightly changed the concept of themes, which was great before, but let me explain what I mean…

When you think in terms of themes for your content, and I want you to think of themes that can be monthly or weekly themes, whatever feels better and more comfortable to you, taking into consideration the time it will take you to make that piece of content…

plus you need to take into consideration what your business is all about as well...

When you’re thinking of these themes to create for your services you need to consider:

  • What’s happening in your industry and your surroundings, locally or externally

  • On which Special Holidays you want to promote your business

  • What are your business values

  • What motivates you to do what you do

  • What differentiates you from your competitors

  • What changes you want to make in your niche and in your surroundings

  • What kind of experience you can share that can be valuable to someone that does not know your business, without revealing everything how you do it… just enough to create curiosity

Once you have uncovered all these answers…

Then you can sit down and come up with your top 10 topics that you want to create content about.

These 10 topics will give you content for at least 2 month a half… you can then decide what the best vehicle to share and create these weekly topics …

Is it a blog post?

A podcast

Or a video?

Let me give you an example:

In my business we’re creating 1 topic per week. We’re creating 1 main topic and then we’re chopping that piece of content into little pieces…

From this podcast/video we are creating:

  • The full podcast/video/blog

  • We’re taking quotes from what I’m saying and turning them into 1 posts

  • We’re creating mini audio/video sneak peeks to promote this episode

  • We’re creating 1 post that is creative like an image, or mini gif or

Because we’re taking that 1 piece of content and turning it into different pieces, it allows us to share it into all of our social media platforms…

We actually don't post daily… because we’re testing things out… but we’re constantly posting into our 6 main platforms… YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter… never the same day, and never the same image or video… because all these platforms have different behaviors… and we’re testing to see which images are better, which videos people like the most, and which creative posts do better…

That’s how you make the most effective content, especially if you haven’t been posting regularly… but… if you keep overthinking what to post like before, then all the planning and all the topics will still be invisible…

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