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How to create valuable content on social media

This week I’m getting down and ready to give you an episode that I know many of you are having problems with when creating content…

This is a recurrent question I get asked….

How do I help people? If I don't know what to help them with?

So this question came to me during one of my accelerator sessions…

So let me give you a bit more information about this.

Chantal said -

How do I help people? I’ve been attending so many conferences and events where the experts say “ successful people help with their problems” and what do I do? I just only make cakes?

So my question is really how am I helping my ideal customer?

If I don't know how I’m helping,

How can I write a post that helps them?

How can I make them feel my cake or how can I make them

Before we get into it…

Do you identify with this struggle??

Maybe it's not 100% identical to your struggle

But probably you’ve been through the struggle. I'm stomped because I don't know all the things I should be balancing at this point in time.

If this is you, and you nodded and say yes… pleaseee leave a comment when you read listen to the episodeee

I know this is a common struggle we all have and I’m here to give you love

So let me share what I told Chantal….

I do absolutely believe that by you going to business conferences they are teaching you powerful insights

They are right that the best businesses do help people, but often times business owners think of help as I must do something and that is the form of helping

I must teach something because that is the form of helping

And then you come into your business and you say… I’m a baker…

And I know you probably don't want to say that you do "How to tutorials and how to decorate a cake”

Maybe that’s not what you want to do

So then you’re stuck. How do I help?

How about we take 1 step back and add a little bit of diversity in how we define help…

So I believe social media specifically when it come to marketing your business

We should doing the 3 E’s

Educate, which to me is the same as help..


Or empower and when by this is how you’re showing somebody how to make a change in their business

Now this is where instead of saying I must help

I can tell you that many times help comes in forms of escapism.

Often, people go to social media to escape their work life, their home life, their lack of social life...

So I want you to look at your post as helping somebody live or embody that thing you’re putting out in the world.

Your post are helpful for people who want to be visually stimulated

But my question to Chantal was very simple…

And actually every piece of content you put out I want you to ask yourself this question:

What do I want this post to do? ( cake display in Selfridges)

Because we’re not in the business of being lovely on social. I want everybody to be lovely…

But lovely does not pay the bills…

So as a baker, yoga, service provider, organizer, financial consultant, you’re looking at ways that we should be getting comfortable with our audience, but we’re getting comfortable with people, to buy what we offer.

So, let’s say it's dispatched Thursday and you want people to buy brownies if that was the goal... you can say…

Are you ready to buy brownies today?

And then you go in and tell them - “this is where you buy the brownies”

and if you happened to be at Selfridges last week you could of bought them there from me…in my cute yellow and pink outfit

So tell me, would you like to buy brownies? Yes, this is a very sell driven post… still making a hint of reference to the way she’s dressed

But it's very direct! And there’s no hidden message

What do you want people to do?

So in this consultation I saw her IG feed and we analyzed how she could make her content better…

I spoke about behind the scenes, because this is a perfect way to understand a process in what you do…

People on social are fascinated with transformation, and maybe that piece of content can be an empowering piece of content to someone that wants to know how to create a beautiful cake… or learn a step...

So this only takes little tiny things to open your mind and bring your customers on the journey with you.

What I loved that at the end of this consultation Chantal said to me -

I'm going to start identifying the point of each post, to why I’m posting, rather than thinking ahh it’s Monday and I need to post something…so I have to find a cute picture that probably has no place or no meaning… without giving much thought as to what I’m trying to achieve...

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