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How to hook your audience on social media

Ok full disclosure here the formula I’m about to explain is a variation from none other than Jasmine Star… I have been part of her membership for years now, but over the past couple of months I have been experimenting with her formula called HIC…and my own approach and maybe for now we call it the hook formula… lol

Now a few weeks back I was talking to you about how to create meaningful posts on social media and if you’ve haven’t heard of it then I suggest you do, because this is to me the second part of that episode.

Now we know that in order to have a good post we should be asking ourselves this question every time we post:

What do I want this post to do? What is the message I send with this post?

From that answer you know you have to decide on your 3 E’s right?

Am I going to educate, entertain or empower on this post?

Now the post is both the image + the text you’re putting below, I just want you to be sure of that… posting is not only the pretty picture.

Now the HIC formula from Jasmine says:

H is for hook

I is for insight

C is for Call to action

What we’re going to do for your images and also your text or your copy is we’re going to apply the formula to both.

Why should you run the filter to both? Well this is actually exactly what I’ve been experimenting with my team…

Because the first thing people see is the image, or the video… and if that is the first thing they’re scrolling then you have to hook them in, so that they can then read your captions…

Unfortunately it's not enough to put a pretty picture… most probably the people that will like that are your posts, its mom, and your closest friends…

And this is a common mistake I see many entrepreneurs and business owners make… they rely only on the image… and actually your images or videos should make people stop and read more, engage and comment right??

Not only that, I feel most people create content for the people that are already following them… and the truth is that you should be creating content, and post for the people that do not know you… which is your potential client.

So let’s explain a bit further how the HIC formula becomes the HOOK formula… lol I guess I’m keeping this name…

  • Answer the questions what you want this post to do

  • Find an image or video that can hook and stop people from scrolling

  • Give a caption, make a comment, write something on the image to get them to read below…

Now that’s just the image, video or audiogram

Now the text and copy below its like this:

This is a 1 line or 2 liner. This can be a question, an intriguing comment, a controversial comment, something that you know your potential clients will feel identified with.

Remember that your post needs to be directed to your potential ideal client and we have to lure them in with persuasion poking holes into their beliefs.

Now once you have that hook decided then you move onto the insight.. Meaning the 3’s educate, entertain, empower..

This is where you’re going to apply your messaging skills, like not explaining but persuading, differentiate yourself from your competitors, this is where you’re going to against the grain, be controversial, compassionate,

And last but not least your call to action. Where do you want them to go after they read your post?

This is actually as important as the hook, and the insight… this can be replied below, click the link. I know this is something that is very easy for all social platforms except Instagram… and I know it's not ideal to say link in bio… I personally don't like it either… but that’s the way it is if you have less than 10K

Ok my dears, I think that with this double formula you can actually start testing with your posts. Don't forget to know what you want from that post, and apply hic and hook formula.

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