Is having a marketing and sales person the best way to have more visibility?

There is a misconception that sales and marketing should be independent from each other, especially if you’re a big company like Coca Cola or Lindt chocolate. Departments should be separated… This is what the industry has determined that needs to happen!

I totally understand why you would think this is the structure you should have if you want to build a thriving business and promote your services, especially if you need to understand and research what your clients want or what your potential clients need…

You’ve been indoctrinated into believing that is the right way… hell, I was that marketing expert when I was working in corporate, and marketing was the laboratory and the sales team were the gladiators…

But how can you know if that’s true when you’re a small business with no more than 4 to 5 people working?

What works for big corporations do not fit into the small business model but you, as a service entrepreneur, you can take action to be more visible by integrating both marketing and sales into your long-term strategy.

Right now, in the digital world we live in, marketing your business is as important or more important than sales, especially if you have a service based business. Buying habits have completely changed and most people rather look for the right company online than talk over the phone or even worse face-to-face with a sales person.

This means that if you want to be more visible you need to:

  • Question what you’ve heard before and see if that is still working for you and your business… and to have that you need make some mindset shifts

  • Your “selling techniques” need to have the right messaging to attract those struggling clients that need your services.

  • You need to be consistent and repeat over and over again your business values, what you do, and why you do it, so that people connect on a deeper level and understand what makes you a better choice than your competitors

  • You need to develop a promotional roadmap how you’re going to be helping your potential clients

Sure! You can still hire a marketing expert and have sales team but you’ll waste a lot of time and money training them with no guarantee that you’ll get the results you need

or you can start right now, and start shifting your mindset to be more visible with my Visibility Revolution Roadmap

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