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How to overcome imposter syndrome in social media

Today I want to talk about the fancy word of imposter syndrome when it comes to social media...

Imposter syndrome is just another word to describe insecurity, you’re insecure because of life events you’ve lived or you have never tried before.

Imposter syndrome is just another word to describe insecurity, you’re insecure because of life events you’ve lived or you have never tried before.

So what you’re actually saying is I’m insecure because..

When I was 12 my parents told me this so i believed them

This happened to me in school

I was treated this way because…

All these life events define how you feel, not who you’re as a person.

But in order to move away from these nagging, disturbing thoughts that actually deeply hurt you, you have to say to all of them fuck it…

I had insecurities about getting on a plane

I had insecurities about boys liking me

I had insecurities about other people driving me around

And then I realized that all those thoughts I had were actually setting me up for more doubts, not letting me take action and actually really stopping me to do anything freely…my free will was gone.

If you recall, my first podcast episode that I ever did was about how imposter I felt when I wanted to create my podcast… I had to overcome the fear of speaking… that it took me to take vocal lessons because I hated my voice..

And when I did that I developed a few techniques to overcome my fear of listening to my voice...

And that insecurity is not passed on to you listening to me right now… actually if I don't tell you then you would think I was the extroverted type...

I mean I know for a fact that no one is worried about me… only me is worried about me, and what others may think or make judgements about me…

Nobody that is famous today started by being confident right off the bat… most of them tell the story how insecure they felt… and what they did to overcome it…

It's not like they got a special manual or that they are more special and you’re’re as special, and as unique as anybody in this world… because there’s only 1 version of you, will all your flaws, quirkiness and intricacies…

The only advice that I can ever give you to overcome any insecurity about social media, whether it is a podcast, a live, youtube, a reel or a tiktok is to fight the fear head on… these are tools and gadgets designed to help you promote your business

Why would you change because you have a microphone, a camera and a mobile phone in front of you?? No one is on the other side holding it, just you and that tool… so why would a piece of equipment be so intimidating??

The more often you do lives the more comfortable you feel, the more youtube videos you record the better they are because your personality slowly starts to come out, you’re less judgemental with yourself, the more times you do reels the better you get at it, even if deep inside you don't like them… you get better…

Because practice makes perfect…

When you show up, you show up to you, for you and for your business…

You don't show up, you hide, you crawl in the fetal position and hide, you’re invisible to you, to your brand, to your business… those leads and sales you want because you’re insecure and afraid that someone may judge you… but the actual problem is that you need to stop judging yourself first to be free.

When you’re able to liberate and free yourself from you, you’ll then understand and become fearless and visible

1 way to liberate yourself is to create a list of all your accomplishments, what skills you have, what kind of person you’re, how credible you’re..

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