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4 changes the social media industry needs to make

You can also listen to this blog here: 🎧 4 changes the social media industry needs to make

🤐 I'm not much of a chit-chat person... I could spend hours in silence, and when I do speak, my words tend to get all tangled up... LOL

But let's circle back to the original question: What's the biggest change you want to see in your industry? Oh, do I have a lot to say about this... and it might turn into a bit of a rant, so bear with me...

I see this a bit differently than most folks do. For instance, our business messaging is one of the most underrated and often neglected aspects we fail to take care of. Our messaging on social media or any content we create to promote our business is frequently overlooked and underappreciated. This mirrors what happens in the real world; without clear communication, we end up with constant misunderstandings. 🗣️

Now, the second thing is creating content, or more precisely, original content that comes from you – not something you've borrowed from someone else, thinking it might work for your business. I'm not suggesting that you shouldn't draw inspiration and adapt it for your audience, especially when the creative well seems to run dry, and you feel like you've exhausted all your ideas. 💡

The reality is, every day something happens in your business. Every day, you're out there doing your thing, helping clients, and simplifying their lives. Everything you do represents original content that should be shared on your social media, in your emails, on your website, and in your promotions to let people know why your business is different. 📧🌐

Yet, we often overcomplicate matters and overthink our actions – because we're human. We worry about what people might think, and what's expected from businesses like ours, and this can stifle our originality and uniqueness.

This brings me to the third change I'd like to see in my industry – that you believe in yourself. After all, you are the voice of your business. 🗣️ You humanize your business, and your brand's personality shines through you. So trust in that.

Last but not least, the fourth change I'm yearning for is that when we're on social media, we should do less assuming about how we should present ourselves, what we should say, behave, lead, and sell. Instead, let's stop assuming that people will automatically grasp what we do. A few occasional posts here and there won't cut it because, let's face it, people, in general, don't like to read if you've made it this far, kudos to you! Because people don't read; we prefer clear directions and guidance on what to do, where to go, and how to do it. 🧭📝

So, it's your job to take more action and show people what your business is all about – and less assuming! ✨

Peace out! 🎤💥




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