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Resisting to Change as an Entrepreneur

So, Why don’t we change when we see things are not working? It might be that you haven’t identified yet what needs to change but if you tried a few things and they are still not working… then maybe it’s time to learn how to identify it

What are the kind of things you should look for? And, now let’s bring it back to your business, what can you actually do?

- If you say social media doesn’t work for me - That's a belief that’s not true because you know a lot of people that are on social media are successful but maybe what exactly is not working for your business? maybe you’ll stop believing that social media doesn’t work for you

- Creating content is time consuming - If you resist the thought that creating content is time consuming but you haven't found a way to make it easier for you it will continue to be a belief consuming you because you haven't been able to identify exactly where it is consuming?

  • Are you organized?

  • Is your messaging saying what you really want to say?

  • Are your videos and images talking to the people they should or are you creating content just to get it out of the way

- Believing that you know what your customers really want when in fact you haven’t found out what they really want yet

  • Not knowing where to begin could be a resisting factor so you end up creating the same content

  • Fear of failure and fear of walking into the unknown

So, how can you stop resisting to change if you are the decision maker or the bottleneck of a choice in your business:

  • If you have a belief or a feeling or a sensation or your stomach is turning or you are so sure of it , you need to be sure and find out if what you are really believing is true and you need to back it up with fact, concrete , tangible facts that what you are saying is the right way. If you find a flaw or a doubt or an alternative to that situation, problem, technology, change, pivot that you need to make then you should experiment it for at least two weeks three weeks to see if the new way is better than the old way… (example think of this as if you are doing a diet - if it doesn't work don’t work but maybe it does and you start to look amazing!)

  • How can you know if your social media content is working? You can go to your insights, check how many engagements you have, analyze your images and videos, look at the copy if you are following the HIC & HOC formula.

  • If you are resisting advancing or improving your tech skills because you think you don’t need to, at least you should understand the basics. The only way to learn is to do it, roll up your sleeves and actually do it with your brain and your fingers.

What if you think you can’t? What if you can’t find the best tools or help? What if I overthink everything? What if I procrastinate? What if I don’t have the right people to help me?

If you are the ‘what if’ kind of person that you are looking for the negative alternative, if you are skeptical that it won’t work if you are the type that overthinks everything now let me tell you why you should stop resisting. You are probably the non-believer that needs to see things , maybe you need social proof, you need facts, examples, so instead of resisting, look for what are the questions that satisfy your resistance. Do research, google it, ask other people that have different point view

You have two options, you can continue to resist and not grow as a business owner or you can slowly start to identify how you work to change? And if you need to ask your partner, your kids how they make you change your mind, try to find the reason and apply it to your business

* I’m completely different in my personal life and my business life - in my personal life I have zero tolerance and in my business life I have full tolerance, patience, open to learn

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