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Master your messaging by testing it on social media

You can also listen to this blog here: 🎧 Master your messaging by testing it on social media

🎙️ Today's V's Mind is going to be another rant. I guess I'm on a roll here. But to be honest, this is a rant that hits home for me because, for the longest time, I was never one to test anything. I was absolutely terrible at chemistry and physics. 🧪💥

As I grew older, I used to think testing was just for those folks who specialized in it. I couldn't quite grasp why testing was so crucial until I developed a passion for marketing. Even then, I questioned its importance.

❓ "Why do I have to survey the audience? That sounds like it'll take forever." ❓ "Why do we need to do market research? It seems fancy but ultimately pointless." ❓ "Why do we need to understand what people like and want when we know our business is good?"

Let me tell you why testing your messaging for your business, especially on social media, can save your leads and sales! 🚀

I've learned the hard way that if you don't test things in life, you'll never know what works. This holds true in dating, too. You might date here and there, but you won't know if you've found the one that truly clicks. 💌❤️

Perhaps you enjoy cooking, and you're well aware that in the culinary world, precise measurements are key. You keep experimenting until you perfect that recipe.

The same principle applies to anything related to business, including social media. We need to become scientists in our business, as you've probably heard many times before. 🧪

You can't assume that people will automatically like what you offer. Posting a couple of times a week and a few stories won't make people fully grasp your services.

Social media for your business requires time and strategic messaging that connects, motivates, educates, and changes people's perspectives and beliefs to reach the right audience.

And that's not all. Your messaging in emails, on your website, and how people interact with your content are all part of the testing process.

There's no right or wrong way, just commitment. I know, that running a business, dealing with clients, and adding personal commitments like moving or appointments can make consistency take a backseat. The word I'm beginning to dislike is "tomorrow." Today is the best option, and tomorrow is only ideal if you can afford to wait. 📆⏳

If you truly want something, you'll make the time for it without negative beliefs holding you back. Sometimes, we over-prioritize certain aspects of our business that aren't as crucial as we think. Some things take time to develop, but promoting your business should always be a priority because it leads to getting more leads and sales. 📈💼

Testing is a priority. Boundaries are priorities. Personal growth is a priority. And not caring about what others think is a priority.

Without experimenting on social media, whether it's a post, video, reel, article, podcast, email, DM, or story strategy, you won't know if it really worked. You need to give it at least 90 days of testing. 📊

Now, you might be wondering why 90 days? Well, some pieces of content on social media have a longer life. For example, reels, podcasts, YouTube videos, articles, and podcasts can continue to gain reach and view over an extended period.

If you don't believe that business is about testing, then why even be on social media? Give it a 90-day shot, and if it doesn't work, stop it and move on to testing a new idea. 📆📈

What are your thoughts on this? 👎🏻👍



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