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How to write effective hooks and CTA

You can also listen to this blog here: 🎧 How to Write Effective Hooks and CTA

We all know that copywriting is essential when it comes to growing and scaling your business.

But copywriting alone doesn’t make a business.

As you content marketing is on the rise and it shouldn't be ignored especially on social media like YouTube, Instagram, TikTok… and so on

On this episode I’m going to show you how to make the most of your social media content using powerful hooks and CTAs and to make it even more practical I’m giving you my free social hooks & CTA prompts with more than 46 hooks and 25 CTAs to grab the attention on your potential audience, to scale and grow your following.

So, if we're aware that having social media is the place to connect and build brand awareness.

But social media is not all about likes and followers.

If you want to turn your social media posts into valuable sharable content that can help you actually grow your business then you better pay attention to your hooks and CTAs. So your hook is what any person will see as the cover in the case of reels or on a post.

Now let's imagine… and I'm sure you’ve done this yourself… you’re on Instagram and you want to discover new things right?

You go to the search section and you start to see posts, reels, carousels.

Some images may have words and some may not right? What you put into that cover is strategically designed so that your potential or not your potential audience knows what’s inside that post, right?

So, the moment they see that post or reel, you are hooking them. Those words there, need to connect on a deeper level, they need to show.

STOP browsing!

This post can be for you.

I might help you.

But because audiences are very intelligent, these social media hooks need to be as smart as your potential audience. They cant be broad. It cant have statements that are cheesy or it make no sense to your potential audience. They need to see that hook and know in 2 seconds you’re speaking directly to them. And you do that by knowing at what stage is your audience, where are they stuck? Where do they need help with?

But don't be basic & simple in writing.

Do you need help with marketing?

Do you need help losing weight?

That just won't work…

People are smart and they are being educated every day on social media so your hooks need to be as smart and as targeted to your potential audience.

So they say,

Wow that’s me! 🙋

Or they say,

Nope, that’s not! 🙅‍♀️


The second most important thing after that 1st hook, is that you also need a second hook.

Yeap! That second hook in your captions.

Because some people might read the first few lines of your posts, and they may decide, hmm that’s not for me.

Or maybe you started off saying.

Hello, friends hope you have a great day!


Hello lovely people!

What people? Everybody on planet Earth? 🌎

Your hooks need to be specific.

If you work with let's say women over 30 that want to lose weight, that are moms, and are busy. Then be specific about it.


Women that are over 30, with kids, are always because...

And leave the suspense there.

Now Call to actions have 3 purposes.

✔️Create trust

✔️Create a lead

✔️Or sale

Which means that every single post needs to include no matter what type of post it is a call to action. Now though the purpose of posting on social media is to attract more leads to get more sales That should not only be your unique driver for using social media

Shocker I know.

People are not on social media to be sold anything. And you’ve heard me say this before and I will repeat it.

People are social to be entertained, educated, and empowered, that is it!

The buying factor is second. Because they first need to know you, which means they are not going to buy from you immediately, and call to actions that say,

Buy now!

Download now!

Sign up here!

Won't work anymore. Not even the link in bio.

And please, if you’re posting on Instagram remember it doesn't work like

Facebook or LinkedIn, people can't click on your post.

Now there are 3 types of call to actions

CTAs for Educational Content can be to ask them to save this post

When people save a post, it shows the social media platform people are liking this post, so let’s show it a little bit more.

CTAs Empowering Content works best if you ask to share this post with other people.

And its great for people maybe doesn't know about your business and because other people are sharing it now they will.

So call this like the word of mouth CTA. You can ask them to tag friends below.

Now for Entertainment Content your CTA its to get more comments and drive engagement. And you can ask questions, and ask for simple emojis to show what they feel,

Do you agree? Say yes or no.

Now, let's talk about CTAs that generate leads, like for example getting on your emails, or a freebie. So if you’re on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Pinterest it is easier to just put the link. But if you’re on Instagram or YouTube then you need to get a little more creative .

One of my favorite CTAs is to get people to my DM’s if they want to get the link.

  • You can say are you ready to write scroll-stopping hooks and CTAs prompts?

  • Comment hooks and I’ll send you my free guide.

Now this strategy I love the most because Instagram doesn't like people leaving the platform, plus the process of getting someone to your link in bio takes more steps. Which is great that now we can use the link option in the stories as well.

Getting people into your DMs is far more effective if you ask me than getting people to your link in bio… you can use both and test both.

Now if you’re doing sales CTAs, and your offer is of high value, then the most effective way is to ask them to DM you and chat more there, or you can ask them to comment below and you’ll answer all their questions. But what I’ve noticed is that people like exclusivity… so your DMs is a better option.

Final thoughts here.

Don't forget to follow up on your CTAs. I know this could take more work from your side, but it is worth it. Maybe they don't buy right away, but you’re creating the trust.

Have a wonderful day. Love, V



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