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How to prioritize your business vs your client needs

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How to prioritize your business vs your client needs
How to prioritize your business vs your client needs

A few weeks back I was discussing with my team the importance of having your priorities straight when it comes to what you need to do when you have clients, and the priorities of your business. Now one of the biggest problems I see new or seasoned entrepreneurs constantly face in their everyday business life is the boundaries we put on our business versus our clients.

In your business, you have priorities and things you need to do so that it runs smoothly right? But is also self-promoting. Well, that’s the theory. You have everyday tasks, admin stuff you need to do, promoting your business on social media, getting your website to work correctly, generating more leads and sales with recurring clients, sending weekly emails, etc.

Now when we have clients, we tend to prioritize the client's needs and wants and everything we need to do in our business is dropped, delayed, or pushed for later. 🕒 And I get it, we feel we need to focus all our attention on the client so they don't leave, not only that they don't leave. They are paying for your services, so you should be available and ready for them and I know some of you are there 24/7.

But where does it say that because you’re in the service business, you should be working as if you’re on the Internet?? Always available and always with an answer?

What’s interesting to me is that because we’re in the service sector, we need to focus all our attention on the clients we have. I’m not saying it is wrong for you to focus on your current clients, YES, please keep doing that. What I’m saying is that because you’re focusing your attention on them you’re neglecting your business growth. Meaning you’re not looking for alternative ways to make more profits. 💸

I bet when you have clients and you’re taking care of them, it's very hard for you to generate more leads because you’re focusing your attention on them, especially if you’re new to your business, you’re all the hats of your business, the finance, the social media person, the designer, the VA. EVERYTHING. I also bet it is hard to make more sales and get new clients because you’re all about your current clients that are paying the bills.

The thing is that the invisible line between you and your client and you and your business have practically disappeared and what’s terrible is that you start feeling you’re drowning, you feel you don't have time to do anything else, you’re at the service of your clients, you feel you have no life.

I’ve heard so many business owners say this to me so many times, and when I’ve asked all the questions, and to the root of the cause of their struggles it all sums up to the lack or nonexistent education, structure, and boundaries we as business owners put with our clients.

I remember when I used to be a professional Conference Organizer, for years I saw my peers and colleagues suffer because there were no boundaries between the associations or corporations and us the business.

They would get calls at all times of the night or morning, on weekends, they were at the mercy of the clients. Of course, I can't compare a big corporation that has an infrastructure with a small service business, but the problems were exactly the same, especially if you were the project of that event, you were the help!! They paid for it, so they expected you to be available 24/7 just like Google or Amazon.

Terrible! Just terrible! And because I saw that around me, I always set my boundaries from the beginning, my phone was not available to anybody unless you were my family or friends. And I know it's very easy to say, and very hard to do because many of you protect or justify your problems with industry beliefs like

“You don't know my client, he’s really needy”

“They are very demanding”

“I’ve tried everything and nothing works”

“My services demand plenty of me”

And the truth is it all comes down to you educating your clients, the rules of your services need to be laid out from the beginning whether they sign a contract and you have a cancellation policy or they pay online. Whatever it is.

Most of these clients whether they come to you because of your services, or you found them if you explain from the start what is, and what isn't, what’s allowed and what’s not, they will be on board, as long as you deliver on your times, and their transformation that is always on time, but most importantly that you keep on educating them and stay strong with your decisions.

That part needs commitment from you. If you really want to have a sustainable business. Now your structure is the inside of your business and the more organized your business is, the better organized your services will be.

I know it's not easy to do this when you’re starting a new entrepreneurial journey. I know your main focus is to make money and get more leads and sales. But you can’t get leads and sales if your business doesn't have a clear structure on how to get more clients, how does the onboarding of the clients work, if you’re not constantly promoting your business on social, then how do people know you exist?

If you remain invisible to the world because you’re focused on your clients then how can you get more clients? Make a profit? 💰

Now, The promotion of your business should always be happening simultaneously when you’re taking care of your clients and the best way to not interfere with your client services is to organize your business first to have time to provide the services. Unfortunately, most business owners start the other way around. They start finding clients, making money, and then they are desperately seeking help to be organized in the business because it's not helping their business grow efficiently, they are invisible.

And then the last key ingredient is the boundaries you put in place. How many times do you answer your clients' phone calls or messages and you stop everything you’re doing and then do what the client asked you?

When are you off the clock and people can't reach you? When is your time to work on your business and not be distracted?

I know there are some questions and you need to come to a truthful conclusion from when you start applying the education, and process, and set your boundaries so that you grow your business, you’re a better service provider because you’re in control of what’s happening inside and outside of your business, with clear priorities.

Well, my dear, I hope this blog helps you and motivates you to start putting these 3 key things in your business in place. Love, V



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