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How to Live Stream to Increase REACH (Get more LEADS on Social Media)

Today's episode is different… today I announce our new beta program that launches next week November 2nd. So by the time you listen to this podcast we’ll be putting up a waiting list landing page, so once the doors open on Nov 2 you can quickly come in, see everything that's included, and sign up.

I must warn you, this is a limited time offer, only 4 days to join the program, and we’ll be accepting only very few people… once the cart is closed, you’ll never hear me speak of this until January 2022 when we officially launch the program.

So, before I share what the program is about, we’ve created this beta program because many of you have been saying that you want to be more visible in your business, but you don't know how to do this… and one of the biggest struggles we know most new entrepreneurs face today is that they don't know how to generate new leads on social media and turn those leads into happy customers…

People will complain why their businesses are not moving forward, they’re literally not putting out their offer…

So my team and I have we have designed a framework for getting found and being positioned as the Visible Brand Authority, so that you can not only make more sales, and charge premium prices, but actually serve better your community with clear messaging

And that is why Going live is the most effective free eye balling tool for positioning yourself and your business as an authority and growing your business

Now let me explain why going live is so powerful and why it's different from what other people are doing.

Now going live can literally cost you 0 euros = 0 money

And can potentially reach millions of people…

You can do Youtube Lives, FB LIve, IG live, Linkedin Lives, Twitter lives on almost any social media platform today

This gives your services & brand massive exposure and visibility, and it's a direct and personal connection to whoever is watching you live.

Not only that you have live reactions, and comments and you don't have to do it well to do it right…

Also you’ve heard me say this before, people want to know who’s behind the curtain… and because social media allows you to be social… people will make a buying decision based on how they feel about your business, not about your services or your offer…

People make buying decisions based on mood and feelings, and transformation.

The biggest case study I can share is me,

Every time I have gone live, especially about a topic that it’s a struggle for business owners, the amount of private messages, and dm’s I've received wanting to work with me.

Whether you’re the interviewer or you’re being interviewed all eyes are on your business…

For example I did a live with an artist that lives in the USA… from that 1 conversation and interview, I gained many followers but what I gained the most was potential leads..

I closed 2 private clients from that live… and they are still clients today.

Another example - I was invited to an event industry live, although this did not bring me new leads, it sure did solidify my position in that industry as a marketing and branding expert…

You see, the more people that can connect with you on a live, the more they get to experience who you’re as a business owner...they get to understand why you serve others, what makes you unique…

Because People just want to connect with a real person...

Not only that, you stay top of mind… meaning that if someone mentions your specialty, they think of you as the thought leader and authority, because they had the fortune to meet you and see you in a live setting.

Think of this, this way….at a party or a networking event you are constantly saying what you do, and you’re on sales mode…

but on a live, you’re in a more intimate setting…

The pressure we feel that we need to brag on a social networking event has no comparison to an online live setting… because you control the conversation and the narrative, you control the atmosphere, the interactions, you control what is the message

Now, I know you might be thinking but V going live is so:

  • Intimidating

  • Too out there for people to judge

  • Who am I, to do this

  • I’m ashamed of...

  • It's nerve racking

  • I’m so shy

And I get it… although I grew up dancing on stage and performing… being in public and speaking came really hard to me…

I had to overcome so many fears and judgements about get to where I’m today.

And because I have overcome my fear of mistakes, of being perfect, my voice, my body I can say with honesty that the way I will teach it to you, will be an instant change in yourself and in your business, and it will take you less years to overcome that’s for sure!!

So if you want to learn to be more present in your business, you want to feel empowered to empower others through what you do, you want to be top of mind, gain more visibility on social media through your messaging so that you can get more leads and sales…

Then let me introduce to you to Visibility on Social - How to go from invisible to profitable leads

A 4 week beta program from Nov 8 till Nov 29, all lessons will be delivered live and recorded. After each lesson you’ll give us feedback on what we can improve and keep, you’ll get the updated version on January 2022

So if you’ve been thinking that something needs to change in your business….

And whether you're ready to jump in the water or not ready right now to make that leap… the longer you wait standing on that diving board and you keep looking at the water and it just gets scarier and scarier, colder and colder and forget it, you’re not getting in…

When you decide to go in...and you’re going to say… ok so this is what it is like to put my steak in the ground and will not let go of being codependent…

It is amazing to me how many people will not go live or launch their services because of what people are going to say…

It’s as if you’re responsible for what people believe, or what people say… it's all personal

if this sounds interesting to your business… head on to and read more about visibility on social media to get notified when we open enrollment on Nov 2nd.

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(V) Veronica Di Polo was born in Caracas, Venezuela raised in Europe, now lives and runs her business in the beautiful coastal Mediterranean town of Moraira.


For more than + 15 years V has strengthen her expertise to help teach visible service entrepreneurs how to build and promote their business with clear marketing and messaging through courses and trainings like her signature program Visibility On Social Selling, other programs like Nail your Messaging or The Netflix Effect Website , as well as many other business-building trainings inside of V’s abundant Freebie library.

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