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Create more freedom in your business & life when you stop comparing

Create more freedom in your business & life when you stop comparingCreate more freedom in your business & life when you stop comparing

Hey there, fearless souls! 🌟 Let's talk about something we all grapple with – fear. Fear of failure, judgment, success, and the constant worry about what others think. We've all been there, right? Well, today, In this blog, let's kick fear to the curb and embrace the limitless possibilities that await when we release obstacles holding us back from a visible business and a more liberated life. 🌐💼

First things first – let's acknowledge that fear is part of the journey. The fear of the unknown, the fear of not being liked, the fear of putting too much focus on ourselves – it's a real struggle. But guess what? It's time to stop giving away our power to strangers and stop trying to please everyone. 🚫👥

Creating a visible business starts with a brave decision. It's about showing up not for others, but for your business and, most importantly, for yourself. 👏

Now, let's address a common pattern many of us fall into – blaming others or life situations for our challenges. Sure, we all have different privileges, and life throws curveballs, but here's the truth – we can choose how we want to be visible. It's about making decisions that align with who we want to become. 💪🌟

When we scroll through other people's businesses or social media, we quickly form judgments about their looks, messaging, and lifestyle. Ever felt exposure envy? Comparing ourselves to celebrities or influencers, thinking their hustle equals success? Well, here's a reality check – success isn't defined by appearances. Looks and lifestyles can be deceiving. 🌆💼

Copying someone else's strategy won't necessarily work for your business. Your audience is unique, and what works for one influencer might not resonate with your followers. It's time to break free from the comparison trap and embrace your business's uniqueness, from messaging to strategy.

I've been down the rabbit hole of fitting in, only to realize that I was meant to be different, to be unique. Life can throw us off course, but there's always a chance to get back on track – your visible track. 🛤

Comparing ourselves to others, especially in the age of picture-perfect social media, is tempting. But when you do, you detach from your reality and focus on theirs. It's time to shift the focus back to your business – and life! Be 100% in your business, and you won't find yourself comparing to others. 💯

Here's a challenge for you – create a list of 20 things that make you unique and that you love about yourself. Celebrate your achievements, skills, and quirks. Reinforce those positive qualities in your brain, and watch yourself grow. 🌱✨

The more you believe in your uniqueness, the less you'll be bothered by external validations – likes, views, or social media comparisons. It's not about them; it's 100% about you! So, let's break free from the comparison game and focus on your extraordinary self. 🌟✨

Ready to take the plunge? Let's do this! 🚀



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(V) Veronica Di Polo was born in Caracas, Venezuela raised in Europe, now lives and runs her business in the beautiful coastal Mediterranean town of Moraira.


For more than + 15 years V has strengthen her expertise to help teach visible service entrepreneurs how to build and promote their business with clear marketing and messaging through courses and trainings like her signature program Visibility On Social Selling, other programs like Nail your Messaging or The Netflix Effect Website , as well as many other business-building trainings inside of V’s abundant Freebie library.

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