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3 Social Media Messaging Techniques to not bore your Audience

So I’ve noticed that many entrepreneurs and business owners tend to share content without a clear message behind it… they’re are making presentations, post, video content that is very similar to their competitors and their messaging is blending in a sea of the sameness and frankly it's repetitive, the message it's not clear…

And I totally get it, I’ve been a victim of messaging vanilla boring… because I’d used to take reference from big marketers not fully understanding what they were saying…

I was actually repeating what they said I needed to do step by step and it was not working… and I could not believe that it was not working, because I was doing everything to the T, not missing one single step…

And after much frustration, because I knew I was boring my audience, but worst of all I was boring myself… I decided to study and learn some more to understand what exactly was making me so boring and so vanilla…

And the conclusion was my messaging… My content in general was repetitive and don't get me wrong here… messaging needs to be repetitive so that it is fully digested… but that messaging needs to be clear, and in my case I thought I knew what it was and I was so wrong…

And because I don't want you experience this with your messaging, I have decided to sum it for you here:

There are 3 ways to build your messaging the right way and that is:

Your messaging needs to speak from the knowing… meaning you need to speak from your lived experience, from something you have personally experienced or your business, this can be in the form of storytelling, or connection content.. Connection content is the type of content that is targeted to the people that already like your content… where you’re going to share similar likes, dislikes, and life experiences…you’re reinforcing something you both believe, so they yes I agree with you!!

Your messaging needs to come from your unique solution, meaning that your messaging needs to differentiate you with what you have to offer… think of this like this. Let’s say you’re an event planner… what makes your services be different from your competitors?? And I’m not talking about the features of your business, or the benefits or your business experience… I’m talking about what’s your deeper purpose as a business that makes what you do that unique solution you provide??

When you think of your unique solution to differentiate yourself from your competitors you need to understand

What is your north star?

What lights you up, about what you do?

Your deeper purpose is about what’s the effect, and impact you want to make in your community, in your niche, in your space and change it! And you do that through your messaging.

Now, Your messaging needs to be intentional and I know you've heard me say this before, but let me quickly explain what I mean here with your messaging…

When we write content, create posts, make videos, write articles, do podcasts we should be intentionally crafting that messaging with persuasion and a couple of weeks before I made an episode with the difference between explaining and persuading… I suggest you listen to that if you haven't so that you can fully understand and apply this step with your messaging.

Your messaging persuasion should be clear, giving examples, counterexamples, comparing what others in your industry are doing, and how you’re doing it in your business, your messaging needs to be controversial if the topic you choose is, and when that is you need to speak to the struggles and pains of your potential audience, making your case very clear and a no brainer decision.

Let me give you an example to tie everything together here … you need to treat your content and your messaging as if you’re a news reporter and a lawyer

You need to be a news reporter to report everything you’ve seen -

Saying people that are visible do this and the people that are invisible to that... you’re a reporter

And you’re a lawyer in the sense that you’re going to make your case or an argument for your prospective client and that case you’re going to make it through

Speaking from the knowing

From your unique solution and deeper purpose

And from your intentional persuasion messaging...

So there you have it, my simple and summarize formula to improve your messaging and not be boring

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For more than + 15 years V has strengthen her expertise to help teach visible service entrepreneurs how to build and promote their business with clear marketing and messaging through courses and trainings like her signature program Visibility On Social Selling, other programs like Nail your Messaging or The Netflix Effect Website , as well as many other business-building trainings inside of V’s abundant Freebie library.

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