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2023 social media marketing trends how to stay ahead of the competition with Paula from Land it

Inside this episode you’ll know

✅What are the most significant marketing trends to watch out in February in terms of advertising, social media, and brand building?

1. AI-generated content is taking over (chatgpt, chatsonic, bard (google), bing with chatgpt)

  • While AI can’t replace originality, creativity, or thought leadership, we’ll likely be seeing a lot more of it in the coming years.

2. UGC creators shine

  • UGC creators will fill a gap in the market and lead to an increase in Nano creators monetizing on social — without the need to post on their own channels.

3. YouTube shorts taking off (monetization)

  • YouTube partner program: 1000 subs + either 4000 public watch hours in 12 months or 10M shorts views in the last 90 days

  • Fan funding

4. New era for logos

5. Pay Transparency Between Brands and Creators

  • Clara for Creators

  • Salary transparency street tiktok

6. Gated Content

  • Creators and brands seeking a deeper connection with their most-loyal followers

  • Creators wanting to “own” their content outside of always-changing social media platforms Creators looking to monetize with “exclusive content” for their biggest fans.

  • Using platforms like Substack, Buy me a coffee or Instagram Subscriptions

✅What new social media features are trending now?

  1. Instagram scheduling feature

  2. TikTok Pulse (creator marketplace - not very popular but promising)

  3. Expands Gifts for Reels Creators to All Creators in the US

  4. Paid verification ticks on IG (taking over a multimillion market)

  5. LinkedIn newsletter links for creator growth

✅What’s the 1 tip when it comes to branding to help business owners grow?

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