visibility accelerator sessions

Visibility Accelerator Sessions 

Need to get unstuck... ?

As you probably figured out by now, brand & marketing is my life’s obsession.


But over the years I have realized that you need to have the right mindset and structure to see outcomes in a different way.


I’ve dedicated my business to helping you find the clarity, strategy and confidence you need to become a magnet for dream clients and opportunities.

Perhaps it’s your messaging that needs to stop blending, you want mindset uplifting, content strategy you’re lacking, you’re plunging into the online world, social media, a launch that needs planning or a client journey/sales funnel that needs some serious tender loving care, I’ve got you.


And if we’ve never worked together, Accelerator Sessions are the perfect place to start.

I designed these sessions to help you get unstuck, get back on track and most importantly, feel energized and confident enough to put yourself out there and get your plans into action!

How the mentoring sessions works

Once you’ve chosen which Accelerator session you want and gone through the payment, on the Thank you Page you’ll find a questionnaire (I need you to answer a few questions to be prepared for our meeting), and below the questionnaire you’ll find a calendar to schedule our meeting.


Once you’ve answered all your questions and you’ve scheduled the best time to meet, we’ll make magic!

On the day of our session, you'll receive an email with the link to join the session.

Visible Accelerator Sessions are recorded so you can watch them back on-demand (trust me, you’ll want to — we move FAST!)

After our session, I’ll follow up with an email that includes a high-level summary of what we covered and your action steps moving forward. I’ll also make suggestions for additional training and resources if I think they’ll help.


Following our session, you’ll receive 1 week of complimentary Voice messages to troubleshoot and keep that momentum going. It’s the perfect opportunity to ask me quick-fire questions and validate ideas you had since we spoke. Then it’s up to you to take action and see our plan through!


Choose your session length

Depending on what you need to cover, you can choose between 2 different session lengths. If you have more than one “mini” project you want to tackle or need to plan out an entire launch, sales funnel strategy, course or business idea, 2.5 hours is needed.

For content or website reviews, content strategy, messaging clarity or visibility plans (mini projects), 1.50 hour is perfect.

1.5 hour (90 minutes)
  • Brief audit of your business (via webform sent before the session)  

  • 1.5-hour session

  • Recording of the session to keep

  • 1 week email support after session

  • Any templates, resources & recommendations required for next steps provided post-session

2.5 hours (150 minutes)
  • Brief audit of your business (via webform sent before the session) 

  • 2.5-hour session

  • Recording of the session to keep

  • 1 week of complimentary Voice messages

  • Any templates, resources & recommendations required for next steps provided post-session

common questions


As long as you have a goal to build a personal brand or a business brand to help further your career (or business/side-hustle), we can absolutely tailor a session for you. No matter what kind of business brand you have as it’s all about getting you clear on your goals, getting you seen by the right people, getting you known for what you’re best at and getting you paid to do what you love.


Ooh, exciting! Building frameworks and online programs is definitely a passion!. That said, depending on what stage you’re at and whether you need support around launching and marketing it too, a longer mentoring program might be in order. Fill out a mentoring application to be safe, then we can hop on a complimentary call to determine which kind of mentoring is best going to help you achieve your goals.


There are no refunds on these sessions and to reschedule, 24 hours notice must be provided or you will forfeit your session. If you’re late to your session, that time will be deducted from the total session length – so don’t go overbooking yourself that day!

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