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Persuading your Audience on social media for Entrepreneurs

I have been noticing that when people are writing their content, or their sales pitch they are actually trying to convince the other person why they should, or buy from them…

And the way I see it is that they are trying to convince someone why they are right and why they are the best… it’s all about the ego

And the thing is that when you're focusing on explaining the focus is on you… it's on your service, your business…

And you’re trying to explain to someone why you’re the best

Why they should listen to you

Why they should do something

And one of the reasons why it does not work is because the thing that is going to prevent someone to not listen, to not buy, to not take action is usually not based on logic, it's because of their beliefs

And if you’ve been following for a while now, you know that I’ve been telling you that we believe what we think…

And to these people you’re trying to sell something their beliefs have become real… because they are believing what their thinking is telling them…

And the reason why this is so important it's because when you’re explaining to people you’re not addressing the belief they have…

And beliefs most of the time are not created from logic… and don't get me wrong here… not all beliefs are bad!!

Actually this is that when people form or create a decision it’s usually from a belief based background.

I don't know if you remember a few weeks back I told you the story about the dealership… let’s say I go in to buy a car, and I’m convinced that I need a car…

The sales person does not need too much work because I’m already convinced and my decision it's already made that I need that car…

But let’s say I went in and I was not sure if I should buy a car...I was on the fence about buying the car and the sales person started to talk about the features of the car like the horsepower, and the person started explaining why the car is good…

They are actually not talking to me from the belief why it's preventing me to buy the car…

I’m for sure not going to make the decision to buy the car because it has automatic seats

What the salesperson should be talking to the beliefs I have and poking holes I have that are actually preventing me to from buying that car

And that’s the difference between explaining and persuading

Persuading is focused on the beliefs or the reality that people have and revealing or pealing that is flawed and showing its flaws and showing that’s causing suffering - that’s persuading

Because now you’re getting to the root where that decision is coming from

And the truth is most people try to explain

Now you might be thinking I don't do this… I make sales…

And let me tell you the only way you’re making sales its because the person that is buying they need this problem solved and then you can explain… and make the decision because of features and not persuasion…

If you’re talking benefits, features in your copy, your messaging any sales you’re probably explaining

If most or some of your content is information then you’re probably explaining

And what I mean is, step by step, tutorials, and we sure do want some of that but if 70% of your content is that, then you’re explaining

If you’re probably explaining “my services have 10 modules”, “my services have that”, then you’re explaining.

So bottom line is persuasion is creating demand, it’s showing people here’s the thing that’s holding you back you didn't even realize and I'm going to bring that into your attention, I’m going to shift these beliefs you have around content because it’s keeping you suffering and as soon as you do that you start to dismantle the things they thought it was true

And then you show them…

Hey this is the thing that is causing you suffering, and what does is that it creates a demand for them to fix that problem

Now let’s take as an example the best TED talks the ones that everybody talks about, the ones with more views you look at their presentation and then you look at the most boring presentation that probably happens inside your company or not, but you’ve been to one of those… and they are all about strategy, phases, steps, statistics …

The ted talks are some of the most amazing talks and you’re learning so much

So if you’re a sales person, ask questions and try to understand where they are thinking . What are their beliefs?

And as you ask them, listen to their answers carefully because they will start telling you what their beliefs are and when you get into the conversation you can start to point out some of the flaws in their thinking by influencing and persuading their thinking. and poke holes into their beliefs

Let’s say I do a video on saying social media does not work…that’s not going to be effective, because that’s me explaining why I’m right, why my way is better, that is not ending a belief that is causing suffering

I better for sure know that social media does not work and back it with facts right?? … and actually we all know they do, we see plenty of people using social media getting great results.

And the point is not to make content around things that bug you… the point is to end suffering, so your messaging needs to be influencing and persuading in your marketing, your sales, presentations, speeches.

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