Create the content that is comfortable to you

Updated: May 3, 2021

Most entrepreneurs want to be heard, they want to promote their business, they want to be visible in their community, they want to influence, they want to be relevant, share their articles, they want to transform all their followers into sales. They want recognition and a massive loyal audience.

The problem is that most of them won’t put out consistent content, they focus more on their current clients, networking in their industry is a priority, and they don’t have the commitment or discipline to promote their business. But unfortunately they are forgetting that for people to buy from them, people need to understand what’s your deeper purpose besides your services, so they can rally behind you.

I understand, you are trying to build a business, be relevant in your niche, look after your current clients but doing hard cold calls and finding potential clients out of the blue, it's outdated, and extremely time consuming, and it’s even harder especially if you’re not promoting your business consistently through email and social media.

You are leaving money on the table...

If you like to talk , and you’re a good communicator, you’re not afraid of the camera, create content with video for Instagram and Facebook Lives. If you are a person who loves to listen to content and not read or watch, Podcasts can be your main content vehicle to share and get more people interested in your services.

If you’re only into reading, then a blog is the perfect option for you to share your services on social platforms like Pinterest and LinkedIn, by having a blog to share on social media, and taking them to your website.

The key is to create content that is in the format that is most comfortable to you and how you like to consume it yourself, so that you don't feel forced.

There are two ways to see this. Either you continue to promote your business with meaningless posts about you being online on a webinar industry that nobody cares about or you can start sharing what’s your business deeper purpose and what differentiates you from your competitors with your unique solution.

So, if you want to be the visible entrepreneur and you want to discover your deeper purpose and how you can find your unique solution that differentiates you from your competitors, message me.

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