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Why we're losing our depth with social media

Just before the pandemic hit, I had a bug sensation and feeling as to why everything needed to be rushed and for yesterday…but I couldn't put my finger on it at the moment, because I was also in a mental rush and in a hamster wheel. Building a business.

And then Covid came and everything you did or you thought you had to do, had no rush. It was irrelevant.

There was no today, no tomorrow, no nothing. (it sounds dramatic now, but that’s how many people felt back then).

And in an odd way, it forced us to go inside to get something we have lost.


Picture this - Before the pandemic we never spoke about our feelings, we were cocooned in our own little world.

Then the shit hits the fan… and we’re all vulnerable, expressing what we feel, what we want. We’re making changes into our lives. Some of us, and I’m talking about me, decided to move out of the city.

Something shifted in all of us! Well, I sure know it shifted my business 360 for the better, but that’s besides the point.

So this introspection we were forced to endure against our will, I don't know why and correct me if I’m wrong we needed to live it to grow as a human race.

Ok now I’m writing very philosophically here… but bare with me, let me tell you what I mean.

  • When we’re in pain we go to a doctor

  • When we’re anxious we eat

  • When we’re bored we watch tv

We know what to do, when we have a need, an issue or a problem.

Some of you may even go to the psychologist because you want to be better, some go to church or synagogue to feel better. We all have our coping mechanisms.

Now, why do I want to talk about depth and in social media of all places? Because I’ve been feeling that these past few months we’re going back to old patterns. Some are not paying attention as to what your potential clients want, we’re not digging enough.

I don’t remember reading that the pandemic is over, but we’re in a rush again trying to recoup the missing time. We don't have time for much these days… and we’re constantly complaining that we want more clients and more sales.

Well if you don’t go deeper and understand what your potential clients really want, then how can you sell them anything?

There is a lack of curiosity we’re not having with our potential clients on social media.

And I see so many service business owners promote their business as if they’re promoting a product or like in the old days on a catalog.

With no depth as to why? For who? What’s the purpose? Why you? (and not why in a braggy way).

Some, and this may be you, are treating your business and social media as a place to inform on the latest news, updates, national day celebration, and all that BS just to say they are creating content.

Information doesn't pay your bills.

What’s keeping your potential clients up at night is what will sell your business!!

So you need Depth! and you do that by tapping into their internal desires, hopes, struggles, frustrations and what transformation they want.

Listening, doing research and interviewing them will show you what’s their pain? Where are they struggling? What got them to feel like that?

I know it sounds obvious, and maybe you’re doing it right now in your business! So Bravo!

But if you’re not, because you believe it takes time, or it's not so important because you already have clients and you need to take care of them…It's a sad excuse, which in the end will hurt your business!

You got into the business of helping others with your service business. So, if that is the case, and it’s still very true to you, then you must understand

What's their internal problem?

The purpose of this entire post is to shake you a little bit, make you realize that if you don't know more, then why would they bother with your service?

You have a business, promote it! but don't promote it with news. Promote it with the depth of knowledge you have with what your potential client actually needs.

You do that, and you’ll become an authority in your niche because


Any person that wants to buy any service looks at those qualities, what speaks to them is what will make them choose YOU!.

Let me give you an example.

How many times have you heard a friend recommend you someone you should check out on social media. You get to their profile, you look at their stuff and it’s boring as hell or worse yet it’s all about them them them…

You probably think

“What does {name of your friend} see in this person?

“Why would they recommend it to me?”

“They sure don’t know what I want”

This could be your business that person is recommending.

So, what’s your next action? GO IN DEPTH!

When you’re ready, send me a DM letting me know how your in depth research went.

Until the next one. Love


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