veronica di polo free resource library for service businesses europe
veronica di polo free resource library for service businesses europe

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Resources for your Biz

Let's Be honest... how many hours you spend building a marketing strategy that is right for your biz, systems, procedures, checklists, and learning what your clients want to give them what they need?


  Here are some my most downloaded guides, templates

be productive guide 2022 veronica di polo


Be Productive Guide - You build it, you do it

Outsource your business template guide

Templates to hire new staff for your business (what to ask, etc.)

How to bring out the visible entrepreneur of who you are (Story Ad) (3).png

Audio Training to Become Unstoppable on your own terms- To serve others you need to serve yourself first

swot your strengths guide veronica di polo

What makes you and your business different from your competitors? 

know your ideal client worksheet veronica di polo.png

Know your ideal client - give them what they want

Roadmap To Valuable Selling on Social media  by Veronica Di Polo

What's needed to sell with value on Social Media?

Productivity Asana mini training with Veronica Di Polo

Productivity Planner - Asana mini training


Implement new marketing strategies - mini course


Learn to engage & warm leads with VideoAsk


10 Image strategies checklist

Get started on Pinterest 101 Marketing


Master the 4 ingredients to be the visible entrepreneur your biz needs


Learn to warm and retain new leads with this welcome email sequence & templates

Social Media Images Guide

Tool Kit & gear checklist for Social Media Images

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How can these resources help me?

  • You’ll have an action plan 

  • You’ll learn to attract your ideal audience 

  • You’ll differentiate yourself from your competitors 

  • You’ll exponentially improve your messaging on social media

  • You’ll gain the confidence to become unstoppable

  • You'll be a more confident business owner

  • You'll have more time to focus on what matter in your life and business

Ready to start your transition to become THE new visible entrepreneur, so that you can create more leads with the clear messaging, without procrastinating but focusing your attention to promoting your business to increase your sales?

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My other Fav resources 

30 días de Contenido - Land it.png

A month of FREE content ideas! 🕺🏼
With this gift you can forget about the feeling (which makes us all sick to our stomachs) of thinking: "and now what do I publish tomorrow?" 😂🙈

Even if the content is in Spanish, you can use this amazing 30 day template ( google translate can help you) 


Learn the specific metrics you should be looking at when running Facebook ads for your offers. What each of these metrics are telling you about the different aspects of your Facebook ad campaign what they mean, and what to do to improve that metric.

Canva - Perfil – 1.png

Hi! We are Land it 👋🏻, we create Canva Templates for brands with a lot of POWER, so they save a headache when creating content.

V's favorite things

What does an entrepreneur / organizer / former flamenco dancer come to love? Here’s everything I have tested and loved, from how to set up beautiful tables when I'm hosting, decorate my new home, favorite spots in Costa Blanca, to my ultimate tech and platforms that help me run my life headache-free, to free stuff . 

Inside is where most of our answers are found. The decisions we make, how we react, what we say, how we interiorize them… all those thoughts and actions hurt you as a business owner and ultimately your business. 

Believe it or not, most of the work I’ve been doing for years with clients and students is helping them believe in them, not overthink their actions and decisions, to have self worth of your time and goals, have boundaries, to find that uniqueness you only have, and to understand that you need no permission to do anything. 


This space is where I’ll share some of my deeper thoughts when it comes to business and marketing because this is way more fun than a 60 second reel, and because 60 seconds doesn't let you go deeper into any topic.

V's Mind


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