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Everything you need to create a business and life you love.

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Nail your Messaging less than 2.5 hours or less

Uncover what's the ripple effect of your messaging and how to use it to your advantage, learn to craft messaging that converts, understand the mistakes and how to create demand for your offer. Nailing Your Messaging is ESSENTIAL. And when you finally do unlock your unique voice, just consider how many opportunities will immediately unlock for you.

Nail Your Messaging with Veronica Di Polo

Master Your Ability to Effectively Get More Leads To Sales Through Your Messaging and Overcome Your Invisibility Your Way

The 12 essential training videos every business owner needs to create a marketing messaging strategy that converts and gets you leads! By learning how to communicate more powerfully and persuasively, in your voice — FAST. You’ll learn how to cut through the noise and crickets, giving you the power to sell anything.

visibility on social selling with veronica di polo

THE Freebie


Look no further! This is the one stop place for service base entrepreneurs that want to build a smart business with easy -to -implement templates for productivity and time management, guides to attract the right potential clients, mini courses on marketing and clear messaging techniques, build your visibility plan for social media and so much more... 

So that you can increase your business promotion and visibility, get more leads, build long-lasting relationships with your customers & audiences that rave & spread the word how amazing your business is!


be productive guide 2022 veronica di polo
swot your strengths guide veronica di polo
know your ideal client worksheet veronica di polo.png
Roadmap To Valuable Selling on Social media  by Veronica Di Polo

Templates to hire new staff for your business (what to ask, etc.)

Outsource your business template guide


Be Productive Guide - You build it, you do it!

What makes you and your business different from your competitors? 

Know your ideal client - give them what they want

How to bring out the visible entrepreneur of who you are (Story Ad) (10).png

Audio Training to Become Unstoppable on your own terms- To serve others you need to serve yourself first

What's needed to sell with value on Social Media?

Productivity Planner - Asana mini training

Productivity Asana mini training with Veronica Di Polo

Implement new marketing strategies - mini course


Learn to engage & warm leads with VideoAsk

10 Image strategies checklist

Get started on Pinterest Marketing

Master the 4 ingredients to be the visible entrepreneur your biz needs


Learn to warm and retain new leads with this welcome email sequence & templates

Tool Kit & gear checklist for Social Media Images

Social Media Images Guide

THE Freebie

by Veronica Di Polo


What you’ll find inside?

  • Strategies to plan your marketing 

  • Templates to gain more time

  • Checklists to keep you on track 

  • Mini-trainings to learn how to use new software

  • Your visible plan strategy

How can these resources help me?

  • You’ll have an action plan 

  • You’ll learn to attract your ideal audience 

  • You’ll differentiate yourself from your competitors 

  • You’ll exponentially improve your messaging on social media

  • You’ll gain the confidence to become unstoppable

  • You'll be a more confident business owner

  • You'll have more time to focus on what matter in your life and business

Ready to start your transition to become THE new visible entrepreneur, so that you can create more leads with the clear messaging, without procrastinating but focusing your attention to promoting your business to increase your sales?